Auditing and Assurance

In today’s challenging economical environment, a business must create trust in its advisors before they can create value.

Statutory Responsibilities

Venter de Jager believes that assurance goes beyond our statutory responsibilities to report on a company’s accounts, which is why Audit & Assurance is one of our firm’s core service lines.

We offer assurance service with the goal to improve the information or the context of the information so that decision makers can make more informed decisions. Assurance services provide independent and professional opinions that reduce the risk of incorrect information.

International Standards on Auditing

Venter de Jager’s audit approach is based on a tried and tested methodology developed in compliance with International Standards on Auditing. Our methodology includes the core principles relating to independence, professional integrity, and ethical behaviour with which our Partners and staff must comply. It is enhanced by supervision, review and consultation policies and technologies and tools that assist teams to access knowledge. These tools are all designed to help the team focus on the issues that impact on audit judgments and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit.

Financial Reporting

Our firms’ clients include close corporations, private companies, estate agents trust accounts, attorney trust accounts and non-profit organisations. Our audit & assurance team can help you identify major risks and opportunities over and above performance of traditional financial reporting functions. 

We Help You Avoid Risk And Capatalise On Opportunities

We can assist you to enhance the confidence of stakeholders in your business, understand your stakeholders’ issues related to performance, privacy, risk and controls and data analysis.

Our professionals join hands with client executives, Directors and academics to understand the changing business environment.